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Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Date: 17 Nov 2019

Time: 10:00 AM

Address: 611 W 18th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001
Call : 307-634-0298


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Relieved of Horrible Pain & Reached My Goal

I came in with severe sciatic nerve pain. After a regimen of stretching exercises and strengthening exercises, I was relieved of the horrible pain I was experiencing. I worked every day to reach my goal, and I probably would not have reached it if it weren’t for the clear instructions and guidance my therapist, Linda, had prepared me with. I owe her a great deal of gratitude for her knowledge and professionalism that made it possible for me to achieve my goal. Thank you.

-Anthony Quintana


Stand, Walk, Get In/Out of Car Without Pain

When I first came to Avenues Therapy Clinic, I could not stand for longer than 15 minutes without extreme pain in my lower back, accompanied with breath-taking muscle aches in my upper and middle back. Getting up out of bed and off sofas and chairs was extremely difficult. My lower spine, groin area, and muscles and tendons in my upper right leg were very painful and causing me not to be able to move my leg without pain or stiffness. There was a time I could hardly turn over in bed without extreme pain in my spine. I could no longer walk with a normal gait due to all the pain in my spine and right leg. Getting in and out of vehicles was very difficult.

Since coming here, I have definitely regained more mobility in my leg and although it is still a little painful in my groin, I am able to tolerate longer periods of time standing and walking. I can turn over in bed much better, and getting in and out of vehicles has improved.

With the exercises and workouts Kelsey and Kim have shown me, I am able to continue strengthening my spine and leg at home. I believe my range of motion in my right leg has improved and hopefully after leaving their care I will continue to improve. I thank and commend them for their patience and expertise in the field of physical therapy, and their caring efforts to address my every issue. They listen to my concerns and address each of them.

The atmosphere at Avenues is very welcoming, and the interactions with the patients and therapists are open and fun- making the experience and workout something to look forward to. Even though some pain could be associated with the therapy, you work through it in no time with their relaxed caring personalities.

I will recommend this clinic to everyone who needs therapy, as it is a very professional clinic with caring therapists. I’m going to miss the interactions with these fine people.

-Diane Lunn


No Pain Sitting, Walking, Sleeping

My primary care physician referred me to physical therapy when I went to him for sciatic discomfort going down my left leg, all the way to my ankle and foot. I walk a lot for my job, 18,000 to 20,000 steps per shift. When I was walking all felt comfortable, some minor discomfort during this activity, but really pretty good. When I stopped and relaxed for a period of time the ache and sometimes pain would set in to the point that I couldn’t sit and relax, or even get a good nights rest.

After my first visit to Avenues Therapy Clinic working with Walynn, I started feeling better, able to sit and rest without pain and discomfort setting in. Walynn worked with me on pelvic core strengthening exercises, which on the surface don’t seem all that hard to do, but I soon learned if done correctly they are strenuous but extremely beneficial helping me with my problem. In addition to the strengthening exercises, Walynn was able to help me by placing me on a bench that performs traction on my spine. Each session on this machine lasted about 20 minutes, this was also very beneficial to my overall recovery.

After 5 weeks of therapy I’m feeling 100% better, I’m able to sleep comfortably, without rolling over during the night, awakening with that, “I wished I hadn’t just done that” feeling. I’m not hopping up out of my chair after just a few minutes having to stretch out my legs and back, to relieve the discomfort anymore.

Thank you to Walynn, Linda and the entire staff at Avenues Therapy Clinic for helping get me through this issue.

-Dwight Hayes