Mike L.

Jun23rd 2020

I have had back issues for a very long time. Within a few months I will be seventy years old, so it is expected to have some issues due to my age. But my problems were much more than age related. I have been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, degenerative back disease (yes we all will have that with age), and battling costochondritis, which is inflammation of the sternum and ribs.

I could not sleep well. Sitting in a chair for even a short amount of time caused my back to ache. And I could only golf once in a while, as the pain afterwards stayed for days. Even traveling in the car to Denver was making my back sore. I swore off using prescription anti-inflammatory drugs as much as I could. I refused to take pain killers, also. So I visited my general practitioner and was looking to do something, even if surgery was an option. He advised I try physical therapy first. Great advice!

I knew of Kelsey due to working with his father. I was completely new to PT and what it would entail. Kelsey gave me a questionnaire to complete, did an evaluation, then set off trying to get me to where I wanted to be. He started out with gradual exercises along with stretching, and we continued to add more exercises as the sessions went on. I had thought about doing some exercises prior to having PT, but the fear of making my back worse was holding me back. Thanks to Kelsey and his approach, I was able to do the correct exercises with the correct form. We concentrated on my core, mainly the stomach and back, doing exercises to strengthen those areas. Then we would always do stretching. I would be sore after the workout, but in a good way. You cannot gain without putting those muscles which have been “dormant” for too long into use. If you are or were an athlete, you understand the feeling I am trying to describe. As I continue to build strength, there is no doubt I will be to the point where there is very little to no discomfort after working out. Progress takes time and patience.

My goal was to be able to golf and be more active. Even though it is still winter, I feel very positive about my odds of golfing with limited to no pain. But what was even a more pleasant surprise was how well I sleep since starting PT. It has been a dramatic change! I wake up more recharged and with very little to no back ache. Sleep is important and I did not realize how bad off I was until I started to sleep well again. Also, I just feel stronger in my stomach and back, which has to be a good thing. Traveling in the car is much better and sitting in a chair is not the issue it was. I realize some issues I have with my back due to my age will never allow me to be perfect, but I am at the point where surgery is not an option I would look at right now.

I highly recommend Kelsey and his staff at Avenues Therapy Clinic. The whole staff is dedicated to improving your mobility and lessening your aches and pains. My experience was very positive and if needed, I will return for additional help.