Idalina B.

Jun18th 2021

I had Physical Therapy for 5 weeks at the Avenues Physical Therapy for my right leg. When I start, I could not walk good or move my joints good on my right leg. Passed 5 weeks, I was able to move good which I called it my condition was very improved. On the 4th week when I had a massage with a sample of Relieve CBD, a lotion specialized to ease discomfort of joints and muscles. This gel lotion is made on a well-known and trusted company from the whole Hamp with the strengths. I purchased the 1200 mg. Trust me it is a great lotion and helps me a lot. No comparison with the others I experimented before. To me this is a miracle lotion. Please go to the Avenues to get all the information and to purchase the kind you desire.