Craig K.

Apr21st 2021

This was my second experience with Avenues Physical Therapy and working with PT Linda Froelicher. She worked with me in 2013 when I badly tore my right rotator cuff and we achieved great results. 

Because of my great experience with Linda and Avenues I returned in 2020 after I tore my left rotator cuff (had to have a matching set). As with all rotator cuff tears, I had very little range of motion, no strength, pain and had to wear an arm/ shoulder brace. In short, there was literally no use of the left arm and shoulder.

Linda was waiting for me two days after surgery and she began a patient, persistent course of treatment. I am now ready to “graduate” and with Linda’s treatment, have recovered nearly all of range of motion, much of the strength and have even hit some golf balls, I was in no pain.

The folks at Avenues Physical Therapy are friendly from the moment you walk in the front door you are warmly welcomed by everyone. I now have a knee that needs physical therapy. Needless to say I will return to Avenues and I am looking forward to Linda working her magic again.