Brenda F.

Jun23rd 2020

Before having knee surgery for a torn meniscus and root repair, I was an avid golfer, bowled during the winter months and kayaked during the summer. I chose a sports physician that assured me he could get me back to “doing what I was doing” before surgery, although I am in my late 60’s. Little did I know that surgery was not the only answer!

I spent 4 months in physical therapy, with Linda, and at times Kelsey. And without their professional assistance, I would not be anywhere near recovery. The progression of exercise, the ability to push me to my limits (and stop me when I pushed too hard) and the mental health assistance given to me during rehabilitation was outstanding!

I cannot express my appreciation to Avenues Physical Therapy Clinic for helping me through this trying time. I know now, that without their assistance, I would not be back “doing what I was doing” before!

I have come to consider them great friends. You guys are the best!!