Jun23rd 2020

Veronica M.

I'm very grateful to Kelsey and the great staff at Avenues Physical Therapy for creating a program to strengthen my hip/leg and reduce the pain in my shoulder.

Jun23rd 2020

Dan C.

Thanks to Linda, Kelsey and Tawna I have improved greatly. I had trouble walking and using my left arm. In just 5 weeks time I can now walk 2 miles a day and have full function of my left arm.

Jun23rd 2020

Mary G.

I was having pain in my shoulders from a flare up of arthritis. It was hard for me to raise my arm, carry and lift objects. After twice a week for six weeks, I am able to lift my arms high enough to retrieve dishes from the third shelf in my cabinet, carry and lift objects as well as sleep like a baby all night.