Category: Shoulder

Jun23rd 2020

Veronica M.

I'm very grateful to Kelsey and the great staff at Avenues Physical Therapy for creating a program to strengthen my hip/leg and reduce the pain in my shoulder.

Jun23rd 2020

Dan C.

Thanks to Linda, Kelsey and Tawna I have improved greatly. I had trouble walking and using my left arm. In just 5 weeks time I can now walk 2 miles a day and have full function of my left arm.

Jun23rd 2020

Kris Z.

I came to Avenues Physical Therapy after shoulder surgery. My first visit was rough, tears and all. Linda assured me it would get better, she was right! Linda worked with me to increase my range of motion and strength through exercise and stretching with helped decrease my pain. I would highly recommend Avenues Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. The entire staff is very good at what they do.