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    • Better Than Before!

      I was having problems with my knee due to a reaction involving medications When I came to Avenues Physical Therapy, I was using a walker or cane. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to walk properly without using some medical equipment assistance.

      I was having limited range of motion with my knee, I was not able to cross my legs or lift my knee up. After working with Eric and Tawna for a month, I feel good as new. I can easily cross my legs with no difficulty, my range of motion is back to normal or even better. I am happy to say say that I have no pain now.


      Connie Graese

    • Walking Like Nothing Ever Happened!

      I broke my ankle in December 2017. After 3 months of being in a cast and being 50% weight bearing in a boot, I finally was able to start physical therapy. I never realized how much strength your ankle loses when you’re not able to stand on it for a month and a half. Linda helped me get back to my everyday work activities. We spent another month and a half working on strengthening and balance of the ankle and worked on running. Linda also helped me when I first came into physical therapy. She helped me imporve from barely walking, to walking with a limp, and now walking without a limp. Now, I can start playing adult soccer. It will test what I am able to do and fully return to my work activities. PT has helped me out a lot!

      Chandler Monk

    • Getting Back to Work in Full Force!

      I came in after an ankle sprain, not being able to move it much or get around as easily as I needed for my job. I got the chance to work with many physical therapists here, and now I can do pretty much anything on my ankle. I can walk fast, stand for long periods of time, and move it a lot more than I could before!


      Kirstie Lind

    • Improved Stability and Confidence

      Three and a half weeks post-fusion of my left S.I. (sacral-iliac) pelvic joint, my doctor cleared me to begin physical therapy. It was not something I really wanted to do, as over the past 10 years I had received a lot of physical therapy. Daily, I did physical therapy exercises learned earlier, walked my dog, and went to the gym twice weekly. But, this situation was different. For over four years, I had been living with recurrent pain in my pelvis which affected my walking, posture and balance without the use of a cane. Two steroid injections every four months had been keeping me functional until their effectiveness wore off. Finally, I decided on pelvic-fusion surgery, and already, it had eliminated the pain. Surely physical therapy treatment would be limited in order to regain my post-surgery strength.

      I called Avenues Therapy Clinic and the Patient Care Coordinator, expedited an evaluation within four days. Lo and behold, my physical therapist was Eric Nelson, a former colleague of mine. It didn’t take him long to determine that marked weakness of muscles in core, pelvis and upper left leg were creating very unstable walking. Now that pelvic pain was virtually gone, treatment could focus on strengthening and stability. Initial exercises were very gentle so as not to disturb fusion healing. Eric provided step-by-step increments in proper breathing and leg movements- some which I could do initially while lying on my bed. He always demonstrated or gave verbal feedback and cues I could use to correct movement shifts. Each week I could feel progress in muscle strength- something I hadn’t felt for a long time.

      At the end of four weeks, I assessed my progress toward functional goals to be about 60%. Now I realize just how much compensation my right leg had been doing, and I was looking forward to continued physical therapy! This I did for 25 physical therapy treatments which ended with improved stability and confidence walking, standing, and performing all daily activities with improved posture. I’m about 75% back in pelvic strength to support movement and have a good sense of carryover needed and when to stop strenuous muscle activity. I owe this to the experiences professionalism of Eric Nelson who cheerfully guided me through each tough set of exercises. Each staff member at Avenues Therapy Clinic is highly competent, and each gives total attention to their patients. I am very happy to give high vote of confidence to their physical therapy services.

      Jean Marie Seitz

    • Bettered My Body as a Whole

      I am so grateful for Avenues Therapy, especially Linda! Before seeing Linda I had continual issues with my ankle rolling and pain in my knees. After recovery from surgery, Linda gave me many exercises and skills to use to better my body movement as a whole.

      I appreciate the knowledge shared with me that, even after therapy has finished, I find myself having little “Linda reminders” here and there about what she cautioned me not to do, and ways to go about it that will bring strength and vitality to my feet and knees.

      I cannot wait to meet my goal of hiking a 14ner 1 year from now and thanking her for helping make it possible. Thank you Linda!

      Mandy Bangerter

    • Outstanding Facility With A Snappy Recovery

      I had double knee replacement surgery in June of this year in Fort Collins, Colorado. It has been my preference to have the follow-up therapy in Cheyenne after my release. I spent a few hours “shopping” for the right place that I felt would fit my needs, since I am a senior and was looking for a clinic near my home.  Avenues Therapy Clinic was the second place I visited and I made my decision then and there that it would work out best for me. My son-in-law had been a patient there several years ago after having rotator cuff surgery, and he thought I should “check it out.” I was impressed with the cleanliness of the operation and the friendly and gracious manner in which I was treated. The information I needed to have as a patient was forthcoming so I made my decision that day to do my therapy at Avenues Therapy Clinic.

      When unexpected complications necessitated my stay in Colorado to become two weeks instead of four days, I had no difficulty arranging a change in my starting date for my rehab in Cheyenne. Avenues Therapy Clinic management cheerfully accommodated me so that I could begin my treatment the day after I returned to my home.

      I feel I was fortunate to have Walynn Smith as my main therapist. His expertise in his field was unmistakable, and I found he has a tremendous amount of patience in dealing with his clients. He challenged me on follow-through points he outlines and has the ability to motivate one to attempt what they might think is impossible. When my progress seemed slow at times and my walking somewhat clumsy, Walynn would have something humorous to say that would snap me back “in shape.” I have to say that during my rehab period, I looked forward to each session and now that I have completed my therapy, I feel more motivated than before to participate in these exercises at home. When Walynn gave me my measurement numbers at our last session and reinforced that they had met the requirements of my surgeon, I was delighted!!! Obviously I was just where I needed to be in recovery.

      Choosing Avenues Therapy Clinic was the right decision for me and I would encourage other surgical patients from Cheyenne to consider this outstanding facility for their aftercare.

      Virginia Phillippi

    • Stand, Walk, Get In/Out of Car Without Pain

      When I first came to Avenues Therapy Clinic, I could not stand for longer than 15 minutes without extreme pain in my lower back, accompanied with breath-taking muscle aches in my upper and middle back. Getting up out of bed and off sofas and chairs was extremely difficult. My lower spine, groin area, and muscles and tendons in my upper right leg were very painful and causing me not to be able to move my leg without pain or stiffness. There was a time I could hardly turn over in bed without extreme pain in my spine. I could no longer walk with a normal gait due to all the pain in my spine and right leg. Getting in and out of vehicles was very difficult.

      Since coming here, I have definitely regained more mobility in my leg and although it is still a little painful in my groin, I am able to tolerate longer periods of time standing and walking. I can turn over in bed much better, and getting in and out of vehicles has improved.

      With the exercises and workouts Kelsey and Kim have shown me, I am able to continue strengthening my spine and leg at home. I believe my range of motion in my right leg has improved and hopefully after leaving their care I will continue to improve. I thank and commend them for their patience and expertise in the field of physical therapy, and their caring efforts to address my every issue. They listen to my concerns and address each of them.

      The atmosphere at Avenues is very welcoming, and the interactions with the patients and therapists are open and fun, making the experience and workout something to look forward to. Even though some pain could be associated with the therapy, you work through it in no time with their relaxed, caring personalities.

      I will recommend this clinic to everyone who needs therapy, as it is a very professional clinic with caring therapists. I’m going to miss the interactions with these fine people.

      Diane Lunn

    • No Pain Sitting, Walking, Sleeping

      My primary care physician referred me to physical therapy when I went to him for sciatic discomfort going down my left leg, all the way to my ankle and foot. I walk a lot for my job, 18,000 to 20,000 steps per shift. When I was walking, all felt comfortable, some minor discomfort during this activity, but really pretty good. When I stopped and relaxed for a period of time the ache and sometimes pain would set in to the point that I couldn’t sit and relax, or even get a good night’s rest.

      After my first visit to Avenues Therapy Clinic working with Walynn, I started feeling better, able to sit and rest without pain and discomfort setting in. Walynn worked with me on pelvic core strengthening exercises, which on the surface don’t seem all that hard to do, but I soon learned if done correctly they are strenuous but extremely beneficial helping me with my problem. In addition to the strengthening exercises, Walynn was able to help me by placing me on a bench that performs traction on my spine. Each session on this machine lasted about 20 minutes, this was also very beneficial to my overall recovery.

      After 5 weeks of therapy I’m feeling 100% better, I’m able to sleep comfortably, without rolling over during the night, awakening with that, “I wished I hadn’t just done that” feeling. I’m not hopping up out of my chair after just a few minutes having to stretch out my legs and back, to relieve the discomfort anymore.

      Thank you to Walynn, Linda and the entire staff at Avenues Therapy Clinic for helping get me through this issue.

      Dwight Hayes

    • Able to Play with Grandchildren Again

      Before I started my therapy at Avenues Therapy Clinic, I did not want to go to the store shopping, go to church, or do anything fun. I couldn’t even stand to cook a meal or clean a room. I was really beginning to feel depressed. My muscles were so weak that I would get terrible muscle cramps in my thighs, buttock, legs and back; that would take my breath away. I wouldn’t walk or stand straight because I felt better slouching, it didn’t hurt as much.

      I need a knee replacement, and I needed therapy before I could have it done to get my muscles working again. Thanks to Kelsey at Avenues Therapy Clinic, I feel confident and have no cramping anywhere. I can walk straight now and I am ready for surgery.

      I went to the Botanical Gardens with my grandchildren and we walked the area with no problems, and even played miniature golf with them afterwards. I am so happy; I am now able to move without pain.

      Shirley Lopez

    • When I started PT I could not sit without a pillow and had a lot of pain in my left leg and had trouble walking. Now I can sit without a pillow and all the pain is gone. They taught me new ways to move my body to get stronger and keep this from happening again. PT has improved my whole body. I thank them so much.

      Elanor Graner

    • I was referred to Avenues Therapy Clinic after dealing with symptoms of a degenerative disc in my lower back. The staff is professional but fun and friendly as well. Walynn was great and patient with me as I progressed through the strength exercises. I can tell he cares for his patients and wanted me to strengthen my hips/ lower back so I wouldn’t be in pain any longer. Great staff, convenient location, and Walynn is a great PT.

      Leslie Raney

    • I was having knee pain for a few years. After I had my baby I couldn’t walk 1/2 mile without it hurting. I really wanted to get back in shape, lose the baby weight, and look/feel good at my husbands homecoming. I struggled with walking up & down stairs, squatting to put clothes in the dryer and feed the dog. So I finally decided to do something about it.

      Linda really listened to me and the goals I had. The entire staff was so helpful & understanding with my baby. I was pretty much a single mom until my husband came home and they worked with me bringing her along. Linda made sure to keep challenging me & helping me strengthen my knees. I now can do normal activities around the house with no issues. I also can walk/jog 7 miles without pain!!! I’m so grateful to Linda & the staff for making physical therapy so enjoyable and successful.

      Jandi Laffitte

    • I began therapy with Walynn due to shoulder pain and restricted movement. This was impacting my ability to work in the kitchen, lift dishes, heavy pots, put on shirts, and most of all play tennis! Walynn worked with increasing my mobility and strength and decreasing pain. With each visit he accessed my status and addressed my concerns. I’m back to playing tennis and I am able to do all that I need to do in my daily life.

      Pricilla J. Gill

    • I love the team at Avenues! After breaking my shoulder, I knew that I would be in good hands. Linda is thorough and cares about your overall health. When I started I could barely move my right arm, let alone lift any weight, or function at my work. After much patient work, I am almost back to my pre-injury workout. One of the things I love most about Avenues is the team atmosphere. The entire staff works together to make sure your entire experience is positive. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

      Angela Loetscher

    • My story began on August 8th, 2016 when I had my hip replaced. Although I was allowed to put weight on my new hip, I really couldn’t due to the pain. I was on crutches and I found that daily activities were difficult and painful. After about 4 sessions with Kelsey, my crutches were gone and I was walking about a mile a day. As I progressed thru my PT the pain went away, the strength returned and I was able to pretty much so anything I wanted to. My visits to Avenues Therapy were crucial to my healing. I made tremendous progress thanks to Kelsey.

      Michael C. Cox