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  • When I started PT I could not sit without a pillow and had a lot of pain in my left leg and had trouble walking. Now I can sit without a pillow and all the pain is gone. They taught me new ways to move my body to get stronger and keep this from happening again. PT has improved my whole body. I thank them so much.

    Elanor Graner

  • I was referred to Avenues Therapy Clinic after dealing with symptoms of a degenerative disc in my lower back. The staff is professional but fun and friendly as well. Walynn was great and patient with me as I progressed through the strength exercises. I can tell he cares for his patients and wanted me to strengthen my hips/ lower back so I wouldn’t be in pain any longer. Great staff, convenient location, and Walynn is a great PT.

    Leslie Raney

  • I was having knee pain for a few years. After I had my baby I couldn’t walk 1/2 mile without it hurting. I really wanted to get back in shape, lose the baby weight, and look/feel good at my husbands homecoming. I struggled with walking up & down stairs, squatting to put clothes in the dryer and feed the dog. So I finally decided to do something about it.

    Linda really listened to me and the goals I had. The entire staff was so helpful & understanding with my baby. I was pretty much a single mom until my husband came home and they worked with me bringing her along. Linda made sure to keep challenging me & helping me strengthen my knees. I now can do normal activities around the house with no issues. I also can walk/jog 7 miles without pain!!! I’m so grateful to Linda & the staff for making physical therapy so enjoyable and successful.

    Jandi Laffitte

  • I began therapy with Walynn due to shoulder pain and restricted movement. This was impacting my ability to work in the kitchen, lift dishes, heavy pots, put on shirts, and most of all play tennis! Walynn worked with increasing my mobility and strength and decreasing pain. With each visit he accessed my status and addressed my concerns. I’m back to playing tennis and I am able to do all that I need to do in my daily life.

    Pricilla J. Gill

  • I love the team at Avenues! After breaking my shoulder, I knew that I would be in good hands. Linda is thorough and cares about your overall health. When I started I could barely move my right arm, let alone lift any weight, or function at my work. After much patient work, I am almost back to my pre-injury workout. One of the things I love most about Avenues is the team atmosphere. The entire staff works together to make sure your entire experience is positive. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

    Angela Loetscher

  • My story began on August 8th, 2016 when I had my hip replaced. Although I was allowed to put weight on my new hip, I really couldn’t due to the pain. I was on crutches and I found that daily activities were difficult and painful. After about 4 sessions with Kelsey, my crutches were gone and I was walking about a mile a day. As I progressed thru my PT the pain went away, the strength returned and I was able to pretty much so anything I wanted to. My visits to Avenues Therapy were crucial to my healing. I made tremendous progress thanks to Kelsey.

    Michael C. Cox

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