Patient Testimonials

  • I had previously injured my left ankle but was informed that everything was fine with it. After some time I noticed I had pain in not just my left foot but my right foot as well and the pain was increasing.

    I went to see my doctor they referred me to physical therapy. When I worked with Maddie she listened and explained what was happening and what we were going to do to stop the pain. Not only has the pain gone down but I am able to enjoy my hobbies again and the knowledge of what to do if I get a flair up.

    - Lindsey S.
  • This was my second experience with Avenues Physical Therapy and working with PT Linda Froelicher. She worked with me in 2013 when I badly tore my right rotator cuff and we achieved great results. 

    Because of my great experience with Linda and Avenues I returned in 2020 after I tore my left rotator cuff (had to have a matching set). As with all rotator cuff tears, I had very little range of motion, no strength, pain and had to wear an arm/ shoulder brace. In short, there was literally no use of the left arm and shoulder.

    Linda was waiting for me two days after surgery and she began a patient, persistent course of treatment. I am now ready to “graduate” and with Linda’s treatment, have recovered nearly all of range of motion, much of the strength and have even hit some golf balls, I was in no pain.

    The folks at Avenues Physical Therapy are friendly from the moment you walk in the front door you are warmly welcomed by everyone. I now have a knee that needs physical therapy. Needless to say I will return to Avenues and I am looking forward to Linda working her magic again.

    - Craig K.
  • Kelsey Kean and the team at Avenues Physical Therapy really out did themselves, I broke my femur, tibia and fibula Thanksgiving night of 2020 and already three short months later I get to go back to work tomorrow! I am truly appreciative of what Kelsey and his skills where able to do.

    I highly recommend Avenues to anyone that is looking for any kind of physical therapy. They will take the time and get you healed up! Thank you guys again for everything!

    - Steven C.
  • I have used Avenues for years. Most recently I had both shoulders replaced. I am pleased with the results and progress that Maddie has provided. She knows just what my body needs, and this has helped with the pain relief and strengthening. I look forward to every visit. Thanks Avenues!

    - Annette S.
  • I would like to thank the staff at avenues therapy clinic for their help on my shoulder injury. I had injured my shoulder due to a water-skiing accident in July. Kelsey helped me gain strength in my shoulder and relieve the pain. Avenues Physical Therapy made my recovery possible.

    - Mike S.
  • This all stated when I went in for a routine check up with my doctor, somehow, I fell off the exam table landing hard onto my side. After I would occasionally get these headaches and dizzy spells. The worst was when I would go from laying down to sitting up in bed and feeling like I would faint. Turning over in would also cause it to happen.  I also struggled with walking in a straight line.

    Working with Maddie made all the difference. I no longer avoid doing activities like rolling over in bed and bending over to reach things because the dizziness is rarely happening now. My walking has greatly improved, and I feel confident that I can continue to improve from Maddie’s help and the program she made for me and exercise she gave me.

    - Cleta F.
  • Before having knee surgery for a torn meniscus and root repair, I was an avid golfer, bowled during the winter months and kayaked during the summer. I chose a sports physician that assured me he could get me back to “doing what I was doing” before surgery, although I am in my late 60’s. Little did I know that surgery was not the only answer!

    I spent 4 months in physical therapy, with Linda, and at times Kelsey. And without their professional assistance, I would not be anywhere near recovery. The progression of exercise, the ability to push me to my limits (and stop me when I pushed too hard) and the mental health assistance given to me during rehabilitation was outstanding!

    I cannot express my appreciation to Avenues Physical Therapy Clinic for helping me through this trying time. I know now, that without their assistance, I would not be back “doing what I was doing” before!

    I have come to consider them great friends. You guys are the best!!

    - Brenda F.
  • I chose Avenues PT Therapy Clinic for my neck issues, I had driven a friend to therapy there a few years ago when he was unable to drive. I had severe tightness & pain in my neck because of the compression of discs. With the help of the staff there, Kelsey & Jeremy set me to tasks at the clinic to strengthen the neck muscles so that I was able to sleep better and carry on with my life. I can now turn my head easily in case I should see a handsome guy & wouldn’t miss seeing him. My life is much better now, I still have exercises & stretches to keep up at home. I now know I have to protect my neck so I can get my chores done. I appreciate the staff at Avenues PT because they were instrumental in my keeping my positive mental attitude.

    - Nancy F.
  • When I came to Avenues Physical Therapy after rotator cuff surgery, I was concerned about regaining full use of my arm so that I would be able to continue working in my profession. My arm was very stiff which didn’t allow much movement. Over the next five months working with Kelsey, Linda and Tawna I have regained full use of my arm. I have no limitations in using and I’m able to continue to work. Kelsey knew when to ad the next exercise and/ or stretch that would allow me to be able to move my arm just slightly more each time. All of Kelsey’s exercises and stretches caused no discomfort. I would definitely recommend Avenues Physical Therapy for whenever on needs physical therapy.

    - Richard G.
  • During the 14 months I was a patient at Avenues Physical Therapy, the staff became like a family to me. They never stopped helping in my recovery and ere always eager to help me come up with new and challenging exercises and treatments. They understood my unique needs and conditions after my injury, helped me prepare for surgery and guided my post-operative recovery. I would recommend Avenues to anyone looking for a great PT experience.

    - Kelly R.
  • I have been coming to Avenues Physical Therapy for 6 yrs now. About once a year I tweak my back and I am unable to work, walk, & sit. Kelsey usually has me mobile with minimal pain in 2-3 visits. After that we work on eliminating the rest of the pain and strengthen my back and core. In 3 short weeks I went from barely being able to walk to my car to walking 8 miles a day. Not only does Avenues PT provide great care but they are also great people and have become my friends. While I never look forward to back pain, I always look forward to seeing their friendly faces!

    - Duke W.
  • I was diagnosed with a Baker’s Cyst. This made it very hard to walk, and my job requires me to be active for the majority of my shift. I met with Kelsey, and my strength and flexibility were very poor. We worked on strength and flexibility and my legs were getting stronger and more flexible. I could walk without much difficulty after working with Kelsey. The whole staff was friendly and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Avenues Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    - Mike S.
  • I came to Avenues Physical Therapy after shoulder surgery. My first visit was rough, tears and all. Linda assured me it would get better, she was right!

    Linda worked with me to increase my range of motion and strength through exercise and stretching with helped decrease my pain. She listened to me and helped me to reach my goals. I am able to do all of my daily activities as well as hobbies I was missing out on. I had my first experience with massage therapy with Donna. She does an incredible job and the massage combined with physical therapy was extremely helpful.

    Teresa and Kayleigh were so helpful with insurance claims and scheduling appointments. They were always friendly and welcoming.

    I would highly recommend Avenues Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. The entire staff is very good at what they do.

    - Kris Z.
  • When I awoke with a kink in my neck, I assumed I’d slept in an awkward position, and eventually, the pain I was experiencing would dissipate. It was, however, still with me two weeks later and had seemed to have worsened. I was unable to turn my head to the left and the pain would wake me during the night.

    I had received a flyer in the mail from Avenues Physical Therapy advertising a free neck exam. I thought, what the heck, I had nothing to lose so I made an appointment with Kelsey. It was the best appointment I’ve ever made. He along with Jeremy, devised a series of exercises, both in the clinic and at home to help me improve the rotation of my head, but also alleviate the constant pain in my neck.

    I am now completely pain-free, yes completely, and I’m sleeping much better. I will continue to perform the home exercises in order to continue to keep my neck strong. I thank the team at Avenues Physical Therapy for explaining the procedures and how it affected my condition.

    - Dana A.
  • I have had back issues for a very long time. Within a few months I will be seventy years old, so it is expected to have some issues due to my age. But my problems were much more than age related. I have been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, degenerative back disease (yes we all will have that with age), and battling costochondritis, which is inflammation of the sternum and ribs.

    I could not sleep well. Sitting in a chair for even a short amount of time caused my back to ache. And I could only golf once in a while, as the pain afterwards stayed for days. Even traveling in the car to Denver was making my back sore. I swore off using prescription anti-inflammatory drugs as much as I could. I refused to take pain killers, also. So I visited my general practitioner and was looking to do something, even if surgery was an option. He advised I try physical therapy first. Great advice!

    I knew of Kelsey due to working with his father. I was completely new to PT and what it would entail. Kelsey gave me a questionnaire to complete, did an evaluation, then set off trying to get me to where I wanted to be. He started out with gradual exercises along with stretching, and we continued to add more exercises as the sessions went on. I had thought about doing some exercises prior to having PT, but the fear of making my back worse was holding me back. Thanks to Kelsey and his approach, I was able to do the correct exercises with the correct form. We concentrated on my core, mainly the stomach and back, doing exercises to strengthen those areas. Then we would always do stretching. I would be sore after the workout, but in a good way. You cannot gain without putting those muscles which have been “dormant” for too long into use. If you are or were an athlete, you understand the feeling I am trying to describe. As I continue to build strength, there is no doubt I will be to the point where there is very little to no discomfort after working out. Progress takes time and patience.

    My goal was to be able to golf and be more active. Even though it is still winter, I feel very positive about my odds of golfing with limited to no pain. But what was even a more pleasant surprise was how well I sleep since starting PT. It has been a dramatic change! I wake up more recharged and with very little to no back ache. Sleep is important and I did not realize how bad off I was until I started to sleep well again. Also, I just feel stronger in my stomach and back, which has to be a good thing. Traveling in the car is much better and sitting in a chair is not the issue it was. I realize some issues I have with my back due to my age will never allow me to be perfect, but I am at the point where surgery is not an option I would look at right now.

    I highly recommend Kelsey and his staff at Avenues Therapy Clinic. The whole staff is dedicated to improving your mobility and lessening your aches and pains. My experience was very positive and if needed, I will return for additional help.

    - Mike L.
  • I was having pain in my shoulders from a flare up of arthritis. It was hard for me to raise my arm, carry and lift objects. My doctor prescribed physical therapy and I choose Avenues Therapy with Linda to learn exercises to improve my daily life and help me sleep through the night.

    After twice a week for six weeks, I am able to lift my arms high enough to retrieve dishes from the third shelf in my cabinet, carry and lift objects as well as sleep like a baby all night.

    Linda selected the right exercise to focus on the current problem to enable me to gain relief and functions in my daily tasks. In addition to the sessions at Avenues Therapy, Linda demonstrated exercises that I am able to complete at home.

    - Mary G.
  • After having a stroke in October of 2019 I was referred to Avenues Physical Therapy. Thanks to Linda, Kelsey and Tawna I have improved greatly. I had trouble walking and using my left arm. In just 5 weeks time I can now walk 2 miles a day and have full function of my left arm. I have far exceeded my goals and continue to do the exercises Linda recommended to me. Also thanks to Kayleigh for always having such a pleasant disposition.

    - Dan C.
  • Being an active person has kept me on the healthy side of life. Recently thought, I was not at all happy about acquiring a painful shoulder and sciatica in my hip/leg. I had to drop a few of my workout activities like Zumba, bowling and water aerobics.

    I’m very grateful to Kelsey and the great staff at Avenues Physical Therapy for creating a program to strengthen my hip/leg and reduce the pain in my shoulder. Kelsey used different stretches, weights and exercises to improve my issues.

    Using the program Kelsey created for me, I continue to workout 4 times a week. I feel improvement in both areas, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will be able to resume Zumba and bowling.

    The Avenues Physical Therapy Team is very good at what they do. Thanks to them, I’m stronger and living a pain reduced life.

    - Veronica M.
  • I had Physical Therapy for 5 weeks at the Avenues Physical Therapy for my right leg. When I start, I could not walk good or move my joints good on my right leg. Passed 5 weeks, I was able to move good which I called it my condition was very improved. On the 4th week when I had a massage with a sample of Relieve CBD, a lotion specialized to ease discomfort of joints and muscles. This gel lotion is made on a well-known and trusted company from the whole Hamp with the strengths. I purchased the 1200 mg. Trust me it is a great lotion and helps me a lot. No comparison with the others I experimented before. To me this is a miracle lotion. Please go to the Avenues to get all the information and to purchase the kind you desire.

    - Idalina B.