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Jul20th 2021

3 Benefits of Staying Active as You Age

Although some of us dread getting older, there are so many things to look forward to with age, such as spending more time with loved ones, watching your family grow, and experiencing new things. But if you’re in your fifth, sixth, or seventh, decade, you might start to notice aches, pains, and other issues making

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Jul10th 2021

5 Ways to Combat Chronic Back Pain

Few problems can render a person’s ability to move and fulfill basic needs inept like chronic back pain. Back pain can often become more than you can manage on your own. It can create several challenges for families, friends, and health providers. While many traditional treatment methods rely on the use of medications and even

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Jun20th 2021

Stress Headaches Putting a Damper on Your Day? Try Physical Therapy For Relief

Headaches of any kind can put a major damper on your day, sucking the fun out of planned activities and making it difficult to concentrate on work or anything else that requires your attention. While many people turn to over the counter medications as a means of addressing the lingering pain associated with headaches, these

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