Welcome to Avenues Physical Therapy Cheyenne, WY

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service. Our Physical Therapists are specialists educated and skilled in research-based rehabilitation. We offer comprehensive care for a wide range of diagnoses, injuries and conditions. We will evaluate your condition and develop a program specifically designed to address your needs. We are located in Cheyenne, WY.

Treatment is based on a partnership between you and one of our experienced physical therapist, using leading-edge technology and traditional hands-on care, to provide innovative solutions designed to reduce pain and restore your normal function.


Mike S.

I could walk without much difficulty after working with Kelsey. The whole staff was friendly and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Avenues Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Dana A.

I am now completely pain-free, yes completely, and I’m sleeping much better. I will continue to perform the home exercises in order to continue to keep my neck strong. I thank the team at Avenues Physical Therapy for explaining the procedures and how it affected my condition.

Kelly R.

During the 14 months I was a patient at Avenues Physical Therapy, the staff became like a family to me. They never stopped helping in my recovery and ere always eager to help me come up with new and challenging exercises and treatments.

Mike L.

I highly recommend Kelsey and his staff at Avenues Therapy Clinic. The whole staff is dedicated to improving your mobility and lessening your aches and pains. My experience was very positive and if needed, I will return for additional help.

Richard G.

Over the next five months working with Kelsey, Linda and Tawna I have regained full use of my arm. I have no limitations in using and I’m able to continue to work. Kelsey knew when to add the next exercise and/ or stretch that would allow me to be able to move my arm just slightly more each time.

Nancy F.

My life is much better now, I still have exercises & stretches to keep up at home. I now know I have to protect my neck so I can get my chores done. I appreciate the staff at Avenues PT because they were instrumental in my keeping my positive mental attitude.

Mary G.

I was having pain in my shoulders from a flare up of arthritis. It was hard for me to raise my arm, carry and lift objects.

After twice a week for six weeks, I am able to lift my arms high enough to retrieve dishes from the third shelf in my cabinet, carry and lift objects as well as sleep like a baby all night.

Kris Z.

I came to Avenues Physical Therapy after shoulder surgery. My first visit was rough, tears and all. Linda assured me it would get better, she was right! Linda worked with me to increase my range of motion and strength through exercise and stretching with helped decrease my pain. I would highly recommend Avenues Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. The entire staff is very good at what they do.

Duke W.

In 3 short weeks I went from barely being able to walk to my car to walking 8 miles a day. Not only does Avenues PT provide great care but they are also great people and have become my friends. While I never look forward to back pain, I always look forward to seeing their friendly faces!

Dan C.

Thanks to Linda, Kelsey and Tawna I have improved greatly. I had trouble walking and using my left arm. In just 5 weeks time I can now walk 2 miles a day and have full function of my left arm.

Brenda F.

I cannot express my appreciation to Avenues Physical Therapy Clinic for helping me through this trying time. I know now, that without their assistance, I would not be back “doing what I was doing” before!


Click on the areas highlighted on the body diagram for information on common conditions we treat and how therapy at Avenues can help you achieve a pain-free life. Our excellent physical therapists, helpful support staff and calming environment can both quickly and safely lead you to recovery.

Getting you Back to a Healthier and Pain-Free Life

You don’t need to live with pain and discomfort! Whether you are missing out on things you love or simply the things you need to do, there are options that will make a real difference.

Our team of physical therapists specialize in providing physical therapy and rehabilitative programs with personalized treatment plans.



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